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Bonjour a tous!

I am Réli, an Interior Designer & Stylist based in South London.

My time is divided between:
- commercial projects (offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops) - residential projects (bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, full house renovation projects)
- Art Directing for advertising
- Event Design

All these projects have one common thing at their core: transforming spaces, which is my ultimate passion. Giving others a positive uplift through an immersive spatial experience is what I live for.

Interior Designer, Interior Stylist, Art Director, TV Presenter

This passion for story-telling through space stems from my Theatre Design background. My style is colourful and eclectic, with a great dose of nature and wilderness thrown in.
I love listening to my clients' favourite stories (childhood, holidays) anything that has a strong emotional connection that we can tap into and develop designs together, based on something that feels true to them and their values.
Creating a space that they will feel truly
fulfilled by. I firmly believe you should surround yourself with the colours and items that make YOU feel good (and not 
necessarily what the trends suggest).

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